Services Provided

  • Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service 
  • Fire Extinguisher Annual Maintenance including 6 year tear down and hydrostatic testing 
  • Fire Hose Testing and Sales 
  • Fire Extinguisher and Fire Hose Cabinet Sales 
  • Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection

Yelp Reviews

  • Sammy S.  This was a very easy process.  The staff was very kind and made this service affordable.  I am very pleased with this company. 

  • Victor A.  If you need your fire extinguisher certified or refilled, this is the place to go. They do that. They also sell them. They were very helpful on the phone and in person and made everything i needed quick and easy. 

  • Leash M.  I called in at 3:48 pm knowing they close at 4. It took me 10 minutes to arrive and he stayed open just to make sure my insurance policy didn't lapse over a fire extinguisher. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Glad to see there still others that care for customer service!!! Thumbs up. 

Current Deals

New 5lb ABC Badger Fire Extinguisher $50.00 -Mention Web promotion